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Our Mission


To create a biblical community through our Sunday School, Bible Class and Biblically focused, culturally relevant worship.

the beloved late Pastor,
Rev. Clarence E. Bolling
1979 - 2022 






1.  Sunday School:  9 - 10:15A M on Zoom* followed by prayer.

2.  Sunday Worship: 11 AM (Sept. - June) in-house  and on YouTube.

3.  Youth Sunday School: 1 PM on Zoom

4.  Sunday Great Expectation Class (Sept - June) 2 PM on Zoom

5.  Monday - Scripture Showers: Discontinued until further notice.

6.  Wednesday Afternoon Prayer Service at 12 noon using the Teleconference Line: 425-436-6349,         CB ID 6697969#

7.  Wednesday Night Bible Study @ 7 PM in-house and on Zoom. 

8.  Thursday Night Prayer Meeting - 7 PM on Zoom

1, 3, 4, 7 and 8 on ZOOM.  Meeting ID #891 1706 9145, Passcode = 222156     


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Calling ALL youngins ages 40 and younger,

to answer the call for service in the choir,  

Sunday School teachers, and other areas as needed, unto the Lord.


                More info to come!


            Saturday, Oct. 21 @

                156 North Broadway

                  Yonkers, NY  10701

          Games, Food, Prizes and Fun  

          DONATION:  $5.00 per person     

In-house BIBLE STUDY with Rev. Dr. Nigel Cole, CBC Pastor, on Wednesday, Oct. 4 @ 7 PM in the sanctuary. Bring your Bible, a pad or notebook and pen. Lets learn the WORD together.  Join us as we study the intro and message in the

           Book of EPHESIANS.

"Punctuality is the soul of business"

Click onto the "ANNOUCEMENTS" page of this website for rehearsals, aniversaries, events and other church activities.    

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                                       AIR QUALITY ALERT !


An ongoing alarm is sounding that our current air quality  is posing a serious threat to the health and well being of New Yorkers and the nation at large, caused by the wildfires in Eastern Canada.

As a result respiratory irritations such as asthma is on the rise. 

Common sense precautions to protect self and families are recommended. Check the AQI levels daily. When greater than 100 avoid all outdoor activies unless absolutely necessary, especially those with cardiovascular disease, lung disease, asthma, chronic  obstructive pulmonary disease as well as children and adults 65 and older.  When venturing out, wearing a N95 mask is strongly at this time until further notice from our NYS Governor Kathy Hochul.  

This Week's  Quotes

"To know the Will of God is the Greatest Knowledge 

To find the Will of God is the 

Greatest Discovery

To do the Will of God is the 

Greatest Achievement."

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