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The Great Expectations Program is a free program designed for students ages 6 to 16. The program normally meets every 2nd and 4th Saturday but due to the COVID 19 pandemic we are now meeting and studying on Sundays via Zoom Use the Zoom App or

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Sunday School at 1:00 PM and -Great Expectation Class at 2:00 PM.  

December 11, 2022:  Sunday School Book pages 6-9 

"GOD'S PROMISE TO DAVID" (11 Samuel 7: 4-16):  

                            Questions and Reflections:

1.    What does the lesson say about Bibles?

2.    Who were some of the people mentioned who came from

       different walks of life?

3.    What is one one the things that convinces people that the

        Bible is a revelation from God?

4.    What is the focusing on?

5.    Who was David and why was he uncomfortable?

6.    What mistake did Nathan make?  Who was Nathan?

7.    What did God want Nathan to find out from David?

8.    What lesson did David learn through Nathan?

9.    David's lesson in humility was not over, what did God

       remind him of?

10.  What would happen because of God's Blessings to and

        through David?

11.   What was Nathan talking about when he said that God

        was going to build a house?

12.   Who would build the majestic temple and what was the

         spiritual blessing?

13.   What remarkable promise did God make to God?

14.   Who was the descendant of David?

15.   What ONE word will help you remember the lesson

         and why?

16.   What would be another good title for the lesson and why?

17.   How will you apply this  lesson to your life?  



1.    Eternity  2. Penned  3. Composed  4. Approximately

5.    Continuity 6. Revelation  7. Prophecies

8.    Resurrection  9. Fulfilled  10. Prophet 11. Represented

12. Discomfort 13. Inquire 14. Dilemma  15. Residence

16. Bondage  17. Collapsible 18. Tabernacle

19. Eventually  20. Presumption  21. Displeasure 22. Humility

23. Sovereign 24. Predecessor 25. Elevated  26. Edifice

27. Chasten  28. Descendants  


1. Share 2 (two) facts about Alex Haley

2. What are three (3) things that you know about your family

    history? Traditions/Culture

3. Share something about your ancestors.

4. What was the movie/book Roots about? If they can, ask your parents

    to show you the old movie Roots.    

5. How do you think life would be different if our ancestors were

    never brought to America?  


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