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The Great Expectations Program is a free program designed for students ages 6 to 16. The program normally meets every 2nd and 4th Saturday but due to the COVID 19 pandemic we are now meeting and studying on Sundays via Zoom Use the Zoom App or dial 1-646-558-8656, Meeting I.D. #891 1706 9145, PASSWORD: 222156 : 

Sunday School at 1:00 PM

January 23, 2022-  "Jesus' Prayer for His Disciples

READ:   John 27: 6-19: (Sunday School Book pages 31-33) 

WORDS TO KNOW:   1. Arrested  2. Convicted  3. Crucified  4. Disciples

5. Declared  6. Resurrected  7. Manifested  8. Salvation  9. Great Commission

10. Ascending  11. Apostle  12. Son of Perdition 13. Traitor  14. Intolerance

15. Persecution  16. Sanctify  17. Comment

QUESTIONS for Reflection and Discussion:

1.  What was one of the last things Jesus did before being arrested?

2.  What would happen after Jesus' death and resurrection?

3.  Where were Jesus and his disciples on their way to?

4.  What did John mean when he said that Jesus had declared the Father?

5.  What did the lesson say about he word manifest?

6.  What did Jesus refer to his disciples as and why?

7.  What is the only way a sinner can escape the clutches of sin and how

     it is done?

8.  What did Jesus say to the Father about the disciples and what else

    did He comment about?

9.  How did they prove to be true disciplines?

10. What is Jesus NOT looking for and what is He LOOKING for?

11. What does the lesson say about The Great Commission?

12. What question do we need to ask ourselves?

13. What  was the desire of Jesus?

14. What does the lesson say about Judas?

15. What did Jesus want the Father to give the disciples and why?

16. What are some of the examples that we are of intolerance of Christians?

17. What is the Lord's desire for His followers?

18. What was Jesus' final request on behalf of the disciples and  what

       did it mean?

19. What else does the lesson say about sanctify and saints?

20. What question comes to your mind based on the lesson?

21. What would be another good title?

22. How can you apply this lesson to your life?     


Give an example of a parable from the Bible

EXTRA CREDIT - 50 points: Who was Emmet Till? Must have five (5) sentences.  

Sunday School starts at 1:00 pm on the dot-a-gospel video with a song which

will be played and questions asked about the video for extra points at the

end of the Sunday School session. Please remind your children to have their

pictures up on Zoom the entire session. Some have to be reminded repeatedly

every Sunday and it takes time away.


Send all work to or what you chose to complete.

The more you do, the more points you earn!


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