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Great Expectations Academic Enrichment Program


The Great Expectations Program is a free program designed for students ages 6 to 16. The program normally meets every 2nd and 4th Saturday but due to the COVID 19 pandemic we are now meeting and studying on Sundays via Zoom Use the Zoom App or

dial 1-646-558-8656, Meeting I.D. #891 1706 9145, PASSWORD: 222156 : 

Sunday School at 1:00 PM and -Great Expectation Class at 2:00 PM.

Sunday, March 26, 2023. LESSON: "Submitting to the Father's Will"

Matthew 26: 36-50- Sunday School Book pgs. 15-17  

WORDS TO REMEMBER:  1. Heroic  2. Submitted  3. Disciples  4. Mission

5. Incredible obedience  6. Eternal life  7. Obedient  8. Fundamentals

9. Benefited  10. Recruiters  11. Apostles  12. Anguish  13. Exhaustion

14. Intentions  15. Scholarship 


Questions for Reflection and Discussion:    (20 pts. each)                        

1.    What did Jesus do that was heroic?  Should we consider Jesus

       as a super hero? If yes, how and why?

2.    What did Jesus do the night before He was  to die for our sins?

3.    Do you pray?  When do you pray?

4.    What did Jesus ask God?

5.    Why did God turn away from Jesus?

6.    Do you think Jesus understands when we are sad and troubled? How?

7.    What are some things that we can  learn from Jesus from the time

       He spent in prayer?

8.    How can we be obedient?

9.    Read the "What if" paragraph and answer: How would you respond

       to God and everyone around you?

10.  What can we do when we have to deal with the hard things in life?

11.  When should we pray?

12.  What should we pray for based on this lesson?

13.  What ONE word will help you remember this lesson and why? Feel

        free to use our vocabulary words in your answer.

14.   What did an adult tell you about a time he/she submitted to God and

         received help to do a difficult thing?

15.   Describe the miracle in John 2: 1-11.                



25 pts each. List the following:

1.  Female actor - her movie or TV show she is known for.

2.  Female author of a book/poem title of the book or poem.

3.  Female athlete/sport that she is known for.

4.  Female singer-song that she is known for.

5.  Female inventor and the invention they are known for.  


Feel free to submit some of the work, such as the vocabulary words

or just answers to the questions or GE assignment or all of the work


Points are awarded based on attendance, participation and work

submitted. There are always top three with the highest scores but

ALL receive something and the best is increasing their knowledge 

of the Bible and overall skills and knowledge for school and life!!!


Dr. Joyce Corpas (914) 751-9979

Academic Enrichment Program 
Sundays @ 2 PM 
(until further notice) 
Program Flyer
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