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The Great Expectations Program is a free program designed for students ages 6 to 16. The program normally meets every 2nd and 4th Saturday but due to the COVID 19 pandemic we are now meeting and studying on Sundays via Zoom Use the Zoom App or dial 1-646-558-8656, Meeting I.D. #891 1706 9145, PASSWORD: 222156

We're happy to inform you classes have resumed on Sunday School at 12:30 PM.

February 28, 2021: 

Sunday School LESSON 13  -John 11: 17-33-44:  "A Display of Divine Glory"

Questions1. Describe the two natures of Jesus.  2. Why should we not be ashamed to cry when death claims a loved one?  3. What were the mixed responses oft he crowd?  4. What do we know about the language John used to describe the inner feelings of Jesus?  5. What was Martha's comment when Jesus ordered the tomb to be unsealed?  6. What happened when Martha received the reminder that she would see the glory of God?  7. What are some things we can say regarding Jesus' prayer?  8. What did Jesus do to perform the miracle?  9. What happened when Lazarus responded to Jesus' voice? 10. What is the difference between the resurrection of Lazarus and that of Jesus or even that of believers in Jesus?  11. What did the resurrection of Lazarus prove?  12. What is the most important decision that we must make in this lifetime? 13. What will you remember from this lesson to share with others or what did you find interesting?  14. How will you apply this lesson to your life?    

Great Expectations Homework

What do these terms/words have to do with Black History? 1. Emancipation Proclamation

2. Civil Rights Act of 1964 3. Juneteenth 4. Black Lives Matter 5. Jim Crow Laws 6. Lynching

7. NAACP 8. Segregation 9. Abolitionists 10. Klu Klux Klan 11. The Black Panther Party.

Each one is worth 30 points. Send all work to    


Dr. Joyce Corpas (914) 751-9979

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