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The Great Expectations Program is a free program designed for students ages 6 to 16. The program normally meets every 2nd and 4th Saturday but due to the COVID 19 pandemic we are now meeting and studying on Sundays via Zoom Use the Zoom App or dial 1-646-558-8656, Meeting I.D. #891 1706 9145, PASSWORD: 222156

We're happy to inform you classes have resumed on Sunday School at 12:30 PM.

June 13, 2021:  

Sunday School LESSON 1 - Judges 6: 25-32: "Gideon Destroys Baal's Altar"

WORDS TO KNOW:  Monotheistic, descendants, governance, theology , redemption.

Questions for discussion and reflection

1 What do we know about the ancient world and their many gods?  2. What does it mean that the Jews had been monotheistic?  3. _________'s offspring had to come through __________, and they had to multiply to become a great nation first.  4. History showed that Israel failed to do several things, name some of the things.  5. Who were servants of the Midianites and lived in constant fear?  6. Who did God appear to like Moses and also did not consider worthy or able to do what God wanted him to do?  7. What was the mission for Gideon and to begin with what and where?  8. What did Gideon need to perform the task and why?  9. What are some false gods of this world that can take hold of our lives if we are not careful?  10.  What do we learn about Gideon's father Joash?  11. What were the questions that Joash asked to get the people to rethink their theology?  12. What did Joah finally find the courage to do with his son's actions? 13. Sometimes it takes a ___________ or _________ who its' attitude toward Christianity?  14. What did you find interesting or will we remember to share with others based on this lesson?  15. How can you/will you apply to your life?  

Great Expectations Homework

NO assignment this week! We will work on rhyming poems together next week.

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