Church  Announcements

In-House Services & Weekly Rehearsal Meetings

Suspended Until Further Notice!


                                 Have you moved to a new address or changed your telephone number? If so please contact  any

                                 of the deacons or deaconesses listed on this page so we can update the church records, in order that the

                                 Church can reach out to you as needed with important information, updates and wellness checkups. 

                                 We Care!   



                                   The 2023 Calendar is now available. All auxiliaries and Committees are urged

                                   to enter their upcoming dates as early as possible.  DO NOT REMOVE book from


                                   Toys for Tots drive - CBC's Floral & Pulpit Aid Ministry is now collecting wrapped

                                   toys to be distributed to the YMCA for needy children. A drop-off box is

                                   available on Thursdays after 5 PM and on Sundays between 11 AM -  1 PM.

                                   The Missionary Ministry is requesting donations of small blankets and wraps

                                   as holiday gifts for the residents at our neighboring Regency Extended Care

                                   Center NH.  Please find it your heart and be a blessing to someone

                                   by giving. Thank you!                                


                          Dec. 22 Join the Missionary Ministry on Saturday @ 2 PM in Christmas Caroling

                                          at the Regency Extended Care Center NH.   


                         Next quarter (December 2022 - February 2023) Sunday School books are now available.

                         Sunday School particiipants- should contact contact Sis. Tracy Calhoun, Sunday

                         School Superintendent @ 914-305-0725 to pick up a book.       

                         The MLK school parking lot on Locust Hill Avenue is again available to CBC members

                         for parking on Sundays.   

                         The Commemorative Video dedicated to Rev. Clarence E. Bolling is now available.

                         If interested in obtaining a copy contact any member of the Trusteed Board.                                                                              


                         TEMPERATURES REQUIRED  for church meeting participants when entering the

                         doors on the Ashburton Avenue side!     

                         Volunteers needed to learn and assist in streaming CBC Sunday Services on

                         YouTube and Zoom. Lend us your services.                    


                         The church is now open for funeral services for MEMBERS ONLY if requested!

                         Inquiries from non-members will be up for consideration based on available

                         security and staff. Contact Deacon Will Simmons for additional information.                                         


                         Please contact Kathy Saunders @ 914-318-5388 or with

                         your telephone #, address and email address to update the CBC church records.

                         Thank you!                    


                                       OUR SICK/SHUT IN/REQUESTING PRAYER
             Continue to pray for them. Make a difference in their lives; show them that we still care;

                call, send a card or visit.         

       Sis. Lillian Daniels; 914-709-0670, Sis. Betty Pittman, Sis. Joan Fields: 914-423-9670, 

       Sis. Elizabeth Wiggins: 914-375-2944,  Sis Minnie Long: 914-965-9322,  

       Sis. China Stagger: 914-457-2792,  Sis. Annie Hodges,  Bro. Arthur (Bud) Masterson,   

       Evangelist Martha Bolling,  Rev. Preston Priest, Sis. Patricia Faulk: 914-423-4685,  

       Sis. Frances Houser: 914-457-1123,  Sis. Serena Cantrell: 914-476-9484, Sis. Retha Priest, 

       Sis Joyce Lipscomb: 914-376-2773,  Sis Bessie Miles,  Sis. Mabel BoneySis. Danae Carter,

       Sis. Vicky Jones, Bro. John Salley, Bro. Ronnie Green, Sis. Debbie Philipps, Sis. Vivian Brown,

       Bro. Donald Wiggins, Bro. Neil McKeithan, Bro. Paul Hardy ,Bro. Allen Clark.

                                                     CONDOLENCES , SYMPATHY and PRAYERS

        Our Prayers and condolence to the  and our own Sis. Florence Lucas who passed on

        Sunday. November 27. Arrangements to be announced one available.                                  


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Know of someone not on the list, please feel free to contact:

                Deacon Mark Corpas - 917-559-6490                     Deacon Will Simmons: 845-282-3699

                Deacon Michael Hardy - 845-222-2443                  Deacon Leslie Wright - 914-510-3966

                Deaconess Kathy Wright- 914-462-0711                Deaconess Mary Macafity - 1-516-239-6494

                Deaconess Lisa Gillespie - 914-439-4679