Church  Announcements

In-House Services & Weekly Rehearsal Meetings

Suspended Until Further Notice!


                                 Have you moved to a new address or changed your telephone number? If so please contact  any

                                 of the deacons or deaconesses listed on this page so we can update the church records, in order that the

                                 Church can reach out to you as needed with important information, updates and wellness checkups. 

                                 We Care!  




                                  May 22 -    In addition to In-House Worship Service on Sundays @ 11 AM,

                                                      virtual service will be streamed on YOUTUBE only until further


                                  June 3 -      Fellowship Friday with spectacular Sight and Sound original

                                                      stage production of "Queen Esther"


                                  June 26 -   WOMEN'S DAY will be celebrated at the 11 AM worship service.

                                                     GUEST SPEAKER:  Rev. Elizabeth Morris, Metropolitan AME Zion
                                                     Church, Yonkers, NY. 
THEME: "The Faith of a Prayerful Woman".

                                                     SCRIPTURE:  Mark 11: 22-25.  COLOR THEME (Attire): White with

                                                     Pink accessories.  All women of CBC are asked to donate $50.                           


                         TEMPERATURES REQUIRED  for church meeting participants when entering the

                         doors on the Ashburton Avenue side!                         

                         PROGRAM & BIBLE STUDY CHANGES:  NO Wednesday or Friday AM Prayer Meetings,

                         or Friday 7 PM Bible Study until further notice. Sunday School  starts at 9:00 AM on



                         Please contact Kathy Saunders @ 914-318-5388 or with

                         your telephone #, address and email address to update the CBC church records.

                         Thank you!                        



                                             OUR SICK/SHUT IN/REQUESTING PRAYER
             Continue to pray for them. Make a difference in their lives; show them

                                that we still care; call, send a card or visit.         

       Sis. Lillian Daniels; 914-709-0670, Sis. Betty Pittman, Sis. Joan Fields: 914-423-9670, 

       Sis. Paula Bryan: 914-886-4551, Sis. Elizabeth Wiggins: 914-375-2944, 

       Sis Minnie Long: 914-965-9322,  Sis. China Stagger: 914-457-2792,  Sis. Annie Hodges,  

       Bro. Arthur (Bud) Masterson,  Rev. Clarence E. Bolling & Evangelist Martha Bolling,

       Rev. Preston Priest, Sis. Patricia Faulk: 914-423-4685,  Sis. Frances Houser: 914-457-1123,  

       Sis. Serena Cantrell: 914-476-9484, Sis. Retha Priest, Sis Joyce Lipscomb: 914-376-2773,  

       Sis. Florence Lucas: 914-963-3482,  Sis Tracy Calhoun, Sis Bessie Miles,  Sis. Mabel Boney,

       Sis. Danae Carter, Bro. John Salley, Bro. Ronnie Green, Sis. Debbie Philipps and

       Bro. Donald Wiggins.

                                                         IN SYMPATHY for the BEREAVED

      Let us lift up in prayer Sis. Gwen Hendricks who lost her father John Taylor

       Rev. Frank Coleman's mother who lost his mother.  


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Know of someone not on the list, please feel free to contact:

                Deacon Mark Corpas - 917-559-6490                     Deacon Will Simmons: 845-282-3699

                Deacon Michael Hardy - 845-222-2443                  Deacon Leslie Wright - 914-510-3966

                Deaconess Kathy Wright- 914-462-0711                Deaconess Mary Macafity - 1-516-239-6494

                Deaconess Lisa Gillespie - 914-439-4679