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Of our fallen brothers and sisters in Christ. May they Rest in Peace.


Rev. Clarence Bolling, CBC Pastor

Bro. Elijah (Bobby) Darby

Sis. Geneva E. Kelly

Deacon Alex Young

Sis. Ida Blair

Sis. Sharon Shinette

Bro. Theodore H. Woodley

Sis Delores Hazelton

Deacon Albert Blanks

Bro. James (Jimmy) Simmons

Sis. Gloria V. Booker

Sis. Deloris Longwood

Sis. Dorothy Bracy

Rev. Clarence E. Bolling, Pastor

Sis. Paula A. Bryan 

Sis. Florence Lucas

Sis. Margaret Coles

     Our heartfelt sympathy and prayers for comfort to all that have lost loved ones, especially

     our church family members, and we will continue to offer up prayers for healing for those

     that are ill themselves, their friends and relatives at home, in hospitals and nursing homes

     as we are instructed to comply with social distancing during this COVID-19 pandemic. Let us

     ponder the Word of God found in Ephesians 6:10-20, and then pray in everything we do and


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