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Greetings From The Pastor

April 19, 2020

 My Beloved Congregation, Colleagues and Friends:


I write this letter to let you know that during this time of this COVID-19 pandemic, a trying period for all, I just wanted you to know that though I am physically absent and visibly unseen by you, I am well. In the best interest of the health of Evangelist Bolling and myself, I too am adhering to the government’s recommendation for social distancing and yes, my heart has and is heavy being separated from my flock. I am in consecration of my soul, mind, heart and body to God during this time and be rest assured, I continuously pray for you all.


The church building at 156 North Broadway is closed but never forget, you are the church. Times like these lets us discover what it truly means to be a Christian. Word has reached my ears of how you have explored new ways to communicate, work and worship together and I am just so proud of you and thank you, knowing my preaching has not been in vain. My charge to each one is to continue to read, study and worship; for we have work still to be done together when this is all over, and with God’s blessing we can again do it, together. Lest not forget, in this time of crisis a light is still being shone.


Some have gone on to be with the Lord and my heart is heavy that I was not able to say farewell, but they will always be part of our congregation in spirit. To the families,  my deepest condolences.


In closing, it is my privilege and a blessing to be your pastor any my prayers are continuously with you. May the peace and grace of our Lord Jesus be with you all.   


With Christian love,


Rev. Clarence E. Bolling, Pastor

Community Baptist Church


Our Pastor
Rev. Clarence E. Bolling


Reverend Clarence E. Bolling, current pastor here at Community Baptist Church since 1970.


The only child, born to the late Lucille and Theodore Bolling, here in the City of Yonkers. Calling both Yonkers and Richmond, VA his home where he shared his young years growing up and becoming the man he is today.  Though an only child, he adopted into his "spiritual family", Rev. Willa Mae King, Rev. Luther Evans, Rev. Arthur J. Price and Rev. James E. Taylor as his sister, brother and sons.


Two of his most memorable life occurrences that  have left a lasting unforgettable  impression are his tour  of duty  in the US Army and  US Army  Reserves. Today,  he is currently  the chaplain  for  the Yonkers Police Department.


Rev. Bolling has been married to the love of his life, Evangelist Martha Bolling for the last 47 years.


He said he would never preach but In January 1969 while in the valley, down on his knees, the Holy Spirit ministered to him and called him to do just that. He then went on to study at Manhattan  Bible Institute and American Bible College where he received his Bachelor of Theology and on November 8, 1970 he was ordained. On March 23, 1979 he was installed as pastor of Community  Baptist Church. "Many  are called and few are chosen" and as evidence of being chosen, his ministry has been aflame with truth and vision. His hand has been firmly gripped to the "gospel plow" in a life yielded to God and controlled by the Spirit. A strong mind, big heart, true faith and ready hands, he preaches, reaches and teaches "if you only Believe" in the Lord,  hope of everlasting life still runs deep and strong. A humble being with a Holy zeal, he follows Jesus with a sympathetic spirit, speaks gently, gives freely and prays earnestly. He continues to reach the masses inside and outside Community  Baptist Church; the highways, the byways and the pathways; the hospitals, nursing homes, homeless, the needy, earthquake victims; opening the doors of the church to bereaved families in the community,   and so much more. Girded  in humility with a great  passion  to help others  and  the tenor  voice of an angel, trained  at Kersting Studio in classical and spiritual music where he once performed in concert for friends and family, he now delivers the message of the Lord in word and song.


During his pastorship here at Community Baptist Church, he presided over the June 11, 1982 Mortgage Burning Ceremony, initiated the formation of new organizations,  praise dancers, choirs, clubs, and an outreach ministry; all part of his vision that has already borne fruit. A true friend and surrogate to the children. Still on the battlefield for the Lord his work is not yet done, for he continues to strive to win souls for Christ, one day at a time, one soul at a time.

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